Welcome to Eleven-IT

eleven-IT Pty Ltd is a computer business based on the Gold Coast that can provide solutions for home and business users alike.

We don’t just fix computers. We are here to help with any IT or technology issue you may have. We even do mobile phone screen repairs!

Our aim is to take the frustration out of all things technology.

We will liaise with your internet and phone providers so you don’t have to, taking away the stress and frustration that we all can relate to. If you are a business moving office or a home user moving house, we can help make it a smooth transition so you are offline for as little time as possible.

We keep it simple – it’s geek-speak free – and give you the right solution at the right price. For us, customer service is of the highest priority.

We want you to be happy. You want – your problem fixed, no messing about.  Easy!

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Our Services

  • Repairs

We know it can be a disaster when your computer crashes and burns.  It can be a pretty major event – we fix computers onsite at your place, off site and remotely. We aim to get you back up and running as quickly as we can.

  • Virus Removal

Cool!  We have a fixed $99 virus removal deal*.  A great way to get your machine free and clean and have it running smoother than a baby’s bottom! Free pick up and delivery.

  • Backup/Storage

One thing we can absolutely guarantee is that your hard drive will fail at some time.  It’s critical you back up your data on a regular basis. And don’t forget those precious photos and even those embarrassing daggy ones when you were younger. All precious memories.

Online backup is easy to use, easy to manage and quick to setup. So important for home users and businesses. Share files easily and access everything from the web. Sync files online and across all your computers.

Backup safely and securely. For more detailed information click here.

  • Networking

Let us network your computers together for maximum efficiency. Networking home, office, laptops and mobile devices.

  • Data Solutions

Lost data or photos can be devastating to businesses or the home user. We will diagnose the issue and discuss all of the options available to ensure the best chance of having your data recovered.



*This price is for offsite. Any other work required will be charged at hourly rate.