Robyn– Director of eleven-IT Pty Ltd. Along with husband Ken, was involved in Supergeek Southport Pty Ltd for 6 years. Is now      head honcho/queen bee of eleven-IT. It will usually be Robyn that will answer your phone calls, and she looks forward to chatting to you.


Ken- Was Director/owner and head technician of Supergeek Southport Pty Ltd. Decided being part of a franchise wasn’t for him and is now on board with eleven-IT Pty Ltd as a technician. Ken has many years experience and will always be direct about what your problem is and will do everything possible to give you a solution.


Luke- Formally a technician at Supergeek Southport Pty Ltd for 3 1/2 years and also like a member of our family. He is knowledgeable and people friendly. He and Ken bounce ideas, problems and solutions off each other and are a great team.